Water Tips and Facts

Up to 50 percent of urban water and 60 per cent of water used in agriculture is wasted through leaks and evaporation.

Virginia Household Water Quality ProgramVirginia Household Water Quality Program

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The Virginia Household Water Quality Program provides practical information to homeowners about maintaining and protecting private water systems such as wells, spring and cisterns. In the U.S. regular testing and treatment of public water supplies is required, but private water system owners must take care of this themselves. Drinking water clinics are offered through local Extension offices in 50-60 counties per year, providing affordable water testing, interpretation of test results and information about maintenance of private water systems and dealing with water problems. Click here to find out how you can participate!

Virginia Master Well Owner NetworkVirginia Master Well Owner Network

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If you have a private water source, such as a well, spring or cistern, YOU are responsible for the safety of your family's water quality and the maintenance of your supply system! The Virginia Well Owner Network is a group of trained, dedicated Virginia Cooperative Extension educator/agents and volunteers who have completed training about protecting and maintaining private water systems such as wells, springs and cisterns, and about water conservation, testing and treatment. With members across the state, this network is designed to provide practical information to private water system owners like you. If this sounds interesting to you, consider becoming part of the network learn more and to help others learn how to protect their water supplies!

Video: Testing Water Quality

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Audio: Well Maintenance

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