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About 39,090 gallons of water is needed to make an automobile, tires included.

Virginia Well Owner Network

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VWON volunteers in Richmond

What is the Virginia Well Owner Network (VWON)? The VWON consists of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Agents and volunteers trained in the proper design, management, and maintenance of private water supply systems (springs, wells, and cisterns). VWON VCE Agents organize and conduct county-based drinking water clinics and serve as local experts for clients with household water quality concerns. VWON volunteers support VCE agents in conducting drinking water clinics, and can reach out to private water system owners in a variety of ways, ranging from speaking to local community groups to informal discussions with friends and neighbors. The development of VWON enables VCE Agents and volunteers to work together to inform Virginians dependent on private water systems about water testing, water treatment, and system maintenance.

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Not from Virginia? Become a part of the Pennsylvania or Mid-Atlantic Regional Master Well Owner Network (WV, DE, or MD).